22nd Media Ecology Association Annual Convention

Convenção // Por Media Ecology Association //

The 2021 MEA Annual Convention – “Dystopic Futures: Media Ecology in an Algorithm Society” – will be held virtually via Zoom, hosted by Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, July 8–11, 2021.

The MEA’s annual meeting provides an opportunity for a community of academics and professionals to exchange experiences and ideas in a friendly environment. The MEA convention addresses a wide array of topics in thematic sections, panels, and working groups that explore approaches from different fields of knowledge and social practices.

The theme of the 2021 convention “DYSTOPIC FUTURES: MEDIA ECOLOGY IN AN ALGORITHM SOCIETY” will be explored throughout the convention and through plenary and special sessions.

Nowadays we are living in a sort of dystopic present with undesirable and frightening realities. In addition to our natural, environmental, political, ethical, cultural, health, and social problems, we have to deal with issues brought by technological advances. We are living in a Technopoly (Postman, 1992), or in what some recent authors call an Algorithmic Society.

Learn more in / Saiba mais em: https://www.media-ecology.org/convention

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